“Storytelling is the linchpin of my life.”


David All

“Storytelling is the linchpin of my life…”


I wasn’t born a great listener; but I am now.

A recent guest on my podcast, Belly of the Beast, sent me a message after the taping, “David, you have something very special. Thank you for being a vessel for us to open up!”

Listening with everything you have is the key to being a great storyteller.

And, trust me, I started out listening to great stories.

My step-dad who raised me for most of my life, Don All, used to tell me stories filled with half-truths, humor and whoppers.

I remember wondering if I would ever be as good a storyteller.

Turns out, storytelling has been the linchpin of my life.

I believe anyone can tell a great story; this is my calling.

As a storyteller, I wear many hats to bring powerful stories to the world.

  • As speechwriter for a U.S. Senator, dozens of entrepreneurs and community leaders, and a speaking coach for a USA Olympic diver silver medalist,

  • As pioneer of leveraging real stories via social media to move the needle in politics and advocacy campaigns,

  • As organizer building events and motivating people into a room to hear stories (40+ events),

  • As brand and messaging storyteller to dozens of organizations,

  • And now creating and hosting a podcast about the time that life knocked us down — and how we climbed back up a new person.

A lifetime is filled with stories - a clear beginning, middle and end of every experience.

My greatest strength as storyteller is being the one that listens to the story of others and works to give it deeper impact and meaning.

Here are some stories to check out and a few further down: 


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