Live Your Calling. Start by writing it down.
Photo of Master Artie Wu via Facebook

Live Your Calling. Start by writing it down.

Reflecting on Master Artie Wu's healing work in my personal life years later.

~ JOURNAL ENTRY: Oct. 28, 2013, Chicago ~

Exercise by Master Healer Artie Wu, Preside Life:

What could you do everyday until 120 years old?

- Bring people together: Happiness; unclear biz model.
- Communication: Effective; Too easy, boring.
- Something art-related, Empowering artists: Needed, no biz model.
- Provide a forum where people can tell their stories: Blah
- Listen and share stories: Boring, no biz model
- Dinner parties + potlucks: Happy; not sure how to make biz model work
- Something in fashion / apparel: Interesting, no exp.
- Run a surf shop: Lazy; location not ideal
- Run a breakfast spot that serves great coffee: Fun!
- Artist: No business model or skills
- Marketing: Effective but can be corporate
- Swimming pool owner / operator: fun

I wrote this before CivicHacks. Before Startup Storytellers, 247Creative, Test City, U.S.A., WearGood, Game Jam, GoodCrib Hackaroo, Tiny Acres and WellHQ.

I was really sad and dejected on many levels. The bottom of the well in grief.

Before I started going after my Bliss, the eternal Calling, I had to start back in my hometown where I could heal.

It's fun to see how much of this has already been incorporated into my life now.

And how now I see things like communication and marketing as the core strengths that have helped me do all of it.

Live Your Calling. Start by writing it down.

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