Brand Philanthropy and Web3: A Match for Social Impact

Brand Philanthropy and Web3: A Match for Social Impact

In our latest story on Proof of Change, our podcast hosted by Ash Cooper Kerns, we explore the powerful match between Brand Philanthropy and Web3 technology in the world of social impact NFT projects.

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Changing Philanthropy Dynamics

Change.Gallery is a platform that empowers artists, brands and philanthropists to come together to amplify their social impact through NFT projects. By aligning their unique “brand” of giving to a Changemaker they support and a cause they care about, they get to match funds going to the cause and address pressing social issues with the community to create measurable social impact. We imagine brand philanthropy growing to commission artists and create monumental social impact, together.

To learn more about Web3-based donor-advised funds, check out Endaoment and The Giving Block.

The Power of Collaboration

When diverse stakeholders come together for a common cause, their collective effort creates a ripple effect of positive change. At Change.Gallery, we believe in the power of collaboration, making Brand Philanthropy a win-win-win-win situation for all involved. This is the idea of the CHANGEgrid — creating an actionable seat at the table for all stakeholders.

Transparency and Trust in Web3

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Change.Gallery ensures transparency and trust in philanthropic endeavors. By integrating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals onchain, stakeholders can measure their social impact against global objectives independently, fostering accountability and progress.