The Shape of My Story: March 2018 Update

The Crucible of My Life Made Me Who I Am

Your story, like mine, has likely been one of ups and downs. 

My Crucible moment started when I jumped off the edge of my career without a parachute, but with principles not to work with a horrendous Monsantocompetitor, Syngenta. The backstop -- solid ground -- was moving back home and taking a job with a local startup.

That moment -- when I stood up for my principles -- that was the beginning of my authentic leadership. Indeed, the crucible of my life was when I was forged to become a better, more genuine leader.

A leader who was individually motivated by prestige, to now being moved by the growth of the team and greater good. It is the ongoing practice for my personal leadership growth.

In the past few months... I have opened perspective leading me to see that I am on my way to being the kind of leader our community needs:

  • I am doing the absolute best work of my career -- storytelling, pioneering new innovations in communication, and expanding my skillset far beyond my core expertise.
  • Work is on my terms -- in the trenches with the clients I choose -- and it's building with intention; agency life was none of these things!
  • Test City Storytellers is a game-changer for those leading social changein a city so open to growth; To pivot away from a hit - to create a platform for equality in a city open to change.
  • And the opioid epidemic; a problem so big in Ohio that it reached out, grabbed hold of me, and hasn't let me stop working on solving a piece of it.
  • I'm working on two concurrent projects,
    • Recovery Deserts Project with researchers at The Ohio State University, and
    • Recovery Ecosystem Mapping Intelligence (REMI) - a startup aimed at helping public health officials throughout the world gain street-level data and understanding of local recovery ecosystems.

My storytelling and sharing today isn't just to inspire you (though I hope it does).

I continue to find that through this work that stories not only unlock my past, but also shed light on my future, guiding me to my True North.

I am living my calling, one story at a time. Read my story at

David All