A 'fall immersion'

fall immersion

The truth about fall, is that it's everyone's favorite season.

When I lived in San Francisco, and would connect with people from the midwest or east coast, they'd say they miss the 'seasons.' And when you dig an inch or two deeper, they mean fall. It's universal.

At the moment, I'm living in Ohio. Fall is abundant in Ohio. If you love fall, or the seasons, come to Ohio for your fill.

I'm less motivated, generally, by seasons. I prefer California's near-tropical climate. Sunshine all the time. And I'm flexible between what you'll find in SF v LA. It's all paradise.

Here, in Ohio, fall is obvious in the weather, the layers of clothes folks are wearing, the boots, etc. And really so much more. Fall is a really interesting time in the city of Columbus.

But in my heart, there must be a better data point for fall. I need a full-on immersion in the experience of fall. I need to be surrounded by nature for an extended period of time. Bonfires, friends, food, wine, leaves, pups, you name it.

And so I've created a micro-experience called 'fall immersion.' I rented a cozy little cabin near Athens, Ohio. I'm making a menu of great family-style meals. And I'm inviting some friends to come at their leisure.

I never really know what's coming next, but I know that forever I will have the best fall data point. At least until it's topped by another. And so it goes.

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