Field Tools for Storytelling

It all goes back to writing speeches.

Day in, day out - cranking away at the process of writing a speech.

Each speech required a fresh checklist, ensuring we never missed an important, necessary piece of the story and that our boss, Senator Voinovich, knew exactly how it would be delivered.

When I started my first agency, David All Group, I quickly turned to creating guides and tools to help my colleagues and clients tap into and understand the value of social media. 


With Field Tools, over at OneNineNinety, I'm making available the tools I use on a daily basis to tap into the science of storytelling for my clients. 

I'm starting with a handful, but have two others that I'm preparing. I know the innovation will never stop.


It feels like the communication industry (marketing, pr, social, web, etc.) is so disjointed, leaving clients wondering what to do to solve a communication challenge.

Perhaps it's the settling into the innovation -- the early adopters of social and mobile (like me) realize that the message and story is all that really matters. The medium is just the canvas or the light powering that versatile, timeless story.

I'm leaning into the idea of Strategic Storytelling because it does feel like something new and meaningful, ahead of this disjointed mass, paying attention to the story and how best to tell it.