The Shape of My Story: Feb 2017 Update

In December, I created my first visual representation of my story, The Shape of My Story.

Over the past few months, I have realized that I was leaving a few key elements out that I wanted to share in a new revision. Here are some notes along with the original below for comparison.

December 2016 (Version 1)

  1. More structured content. My first version had only had eight nodes creating a more simple shape. My latest version has 18. 

  2. Dips in Leadership Development. In two positions, U.S. Senate speechwriter and CoverMyMeds marketing, I am recognizing that while these roles were absolutely vital to my growth, my role in the organization was not one of leadership. 

  3. Deeper Crucible Reality. This version gives key moments in my Crucible and shows a more realistic nose-dive down in leadership. 

  4. More Realistic Climb Out. This version of the shape of my story shows the steps of how I'm climbing out and the work I still have to do before me.

  5. Style Updates. New background based on OneNineNinety and some new colors. I also use solid nodes to demonstrate timeline moments.

I am curious how your own Shape is coming along. 

Drop me an email so I can take a peek at your progress.

David AllComment