Live Your Calling

I am 'Living My Calling,' something I hope you'll embrace in your own life with urgency.

A community leader embodying America's free spirit, creativity, vulnerability, compassion and necessary courage to seek and address opportunities to make a meaningful and authentic impact.

When I first started out to intentionally make an impact in the world, I was weak and alone. It was only from a position of strength on all fronts and many hands that I was able to truly set sail in open waters. (Thank you, Columbus!)

That first step -- when I failed -- was when I drew the line in the sand. I was out to change the world using my skills as an entrepreneur. THE LEAP to social entrepreneurship is a sincere feat requiring far more than skills and passion. But my life's work had started.

I love the work I'm doing at CivicHacks. It's vast beyond the surface of public understanding, like a tree with roots.

Every day I'm able to connect someone with what they need to move ahead in their life. My own network keeps peeking into the annals of Columbus' behind-the-scenes operators -- where the real magic happens and I need to be for my network to succeed. And our team(S) across several companies and projects are all A-listers in their own right. The business model -- It's working.

And yet, all I think about are those trapped in Ohio's 'Recovery Deserts' without a hand to help pull them up and out of the well. I can tell their story! (But I know that infrastructure is needed most.)

This is the challenge of my Calling. My passion is heart-driven, yet our current state of resources requires focus to lift the business up and provide the energy to do more.

To 'Live Your Calling' is never easy but it is the only way.

And just because mine is about social entrepreneurship, it doesn't mean that yours has to. More on this soon.

David AllComment