Whose Story Was I Living?

Along the way, I had stopped breathing.

I was making more money than I could spend. Our clients were the biggest companies in the world. My ideas for those clients were golden, invincible. 

Yet, creatively, I knew that I was being drained. The oxygen for me to work -- my mission -- had already been won when every politician used, however poorly, social media. 

I had successfully pivoted my company away from politics and worked my tail off to bring in nearly $5m in revenue in one year. It was a magnificent fete.

Yet for me, that success was the beginning of the end of that story. The money quickly lost its luster. And the relationship with my business partner was so bad that I lost a lot of passion in building up a business that would benefit them.

Looking back at those challenging years in my life when I started the process of unwinding from my company and brand, I realize it was a wakeup call that I was living someone else's story. I stopped breathing.

I know what it feels like to have the power to create, but no will to do so. It takes courage and determination to stop living someone else's story. But breathing is worth it.

David All