If you have 300 more opportunities to tell your story, how many have gone by?

I am a storyteller; but I'm also interested in helping people tell their story. To tell a story, you need an opportunity

It fascinates me that people I ask how many opportunities they will have in their entire life to tell their story seem to all say 300. I know, it's not scientific. (But I'm actually working on that.)

I often reverse engineer problems, so today I'm wondering, well, how many opportunities to tell our story have passed us by?

Conservatively, every person could find, or create, at least one place/opportunity/way/person to tell their story, or part of it at least, to. That may seem like a lot, or a little, but when you think about our connection to the Internet (and by Internet I mean Facebook), we agree.

I just looked at my Facebook account and have posts dating back to November 2006. That's almost exactly 10 years ago that I started my storytelling in bits and pieces. Yikes.

According to Kissmetrics, the average user creates 90 pieces of content per month. That sounds high to you? Well it sounds LOW to me. Let's move forward!

12 months x 90 pieces of content = 1,080 pieces of content per year.
10 years x 1,080 pieces of content = 10,800 pieces of content.

OK, so let's say that every piece of content is what it is: an opportunity to tell a story. Just since 2006 when I joined Facebook, I have had more than 10,000 opportunities to tell my story. And I probably have, but not that many. Hehe.

My point here is just to start peeling back the layers on how many opportunities we have to tell our story. And how little we value those opportunities as total commodities.

Perhaps we limit the amount of opportunities we have because we value our own story so little? What would it take -- what would you have to do in your life -- to feel good about telling your story to everyone you meet?

Or is it already too late?

I want to hear from you on this one. Email me.

David AllComment