Being Called to Leadership in Beverly Hills

I live for being called and moved to action.

Maybe that goes back to my fondest memories of listening to speeches by MLK, Jr. and JFK during the Fourth Grade. How fired up I’d feel inside.

When a senseless gunman took the lives of 11 Jews in a Squirrel Hill synagogue, I felt the pain and terror thousands of miles away in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills, very much my new hometown though I live on the border in LA, has a very large Jewish community.

I felt called to do something.
I was moved to step up and lead.

With a few colleagues on the Next Beverly Hills committee, we organized a silent walk on a Saturday night — one week past the shooting.

Here’s the thing: I am not Jewish. But I am a part of this community.

And we all walked together as one community against anti-semitism. And for our fellow Americans in Squirrel Hill.