Gratitude for Startup Storytellers

So, so much. At the end of Startup Storytellers: The Leap, all I could do was express my gratitude to the team and community.

While living in Columbus, I created and organized over 35 events from a few dozen people to over 700.

Doubtless, the highlight (or most popular) of those events was an annual event called Startup Storytellers which celebrated the authentic personal and professional stories of the entrepreneur.

I created this event for me. To lift my own spirit up as an entrepreneur. As a place where entrepreneurs like me could be a part of the community, whether or not they were in the seat of a hot business. The event solved that problem for me and for the broader community.

Our failures in entrepreneurship, or “starts and stops,” as my diplomatic friend Joe Deloss would say on stage at one of my first events, were celebrated; not buried.

Startup Storytellers started in a coffee shop, then moved to an event space, and ended up in the award-winning Columbus Museum of Art.

And while I may have started the event for me and my personal journey, it quickly became more about the community and the team that made it happen.

I owe so much love and gratitude to the team, storytellers and community that showed up for this event. It was a hit!